Imagine a ceramic product that is able to bring excellence to the quality of porcelain, all in just 3 mm thick. The result is an innovative and unique beauty that makes versatility and ease of use its strengths. easily cleanable, Kerlite is ideal where other products such as paints or washable laminated, were usually preferred to traditional ceramics Kerlite which is lighter, easier to cut and lay. Frost resistant, does not absorb liquids, will not saturate odors, does not retain dirt and allows the removal of stains using hot water. The fewer joints and the possibility of small joints make it advisable to use in health facilities or where hygiene and cleanliness are essential . But Kerlite is not only the result of technology excellence, is a project that changes the concept of decorative coating. resulted from a research - oriented aesthetics of contemporary architecture. Kerlite re-launches the concept of covering. Available in 3mx1m