Apollo, a light source. Light and Water: Apollo is a collection of shower heads that brings these two elements together, connecting them in a single composition of pure forms. It is a hybrid object in which neither function prevails perceptively: it is a lamp, but at the same time a shower head. Apollo introduces a new type of showerhead that at first glance can leave you a little perplexed, because it is not easy to understand its dual nature capable of emanating light and water, but the typological ambiguity is part of its charm.

The showerheads are a composition of tubular lines that subvert the paradigm of existing showerheads, while the lamp, which can take various forms, is summarized in Apollo in a circular sphere. Apollo is therefore a source of light and a source of water that makes the shower experience particularly pleasant: allowing yourself to be flooded by a primordial luminous rain, which creates a relaxing atmosphere also thanks to the visual comfort that is generated, creating a holistic experience that satisfies multiple senses.
showerhead complete with OR WITHOUT LED lighting that automatically turns on simultaneously with the water supply and delayed switching off of 120 sec, complete with transformer. Structure available in the existing finishes.