The Eve fan heater features an unmistakable design, capable of generating heat and light, two vital and essential elements to achieve balance of body and mind.

A nomadic, heating and luminous orb, which elegantly creates just the right atmosphere when and where needed: at home or in the office, standing on the floor or resting on a desk. Requiring no installation, it is powered electrically.  Thanks to its luminous function, Eve overcomes the barrier set by seasonality so it can be used and enjoyed also in the evening during the warmest months of the year. In between seasons, it becomes a very useful design object, thanks to the warmth its hot air quickly produces. This fan heater can be adjusted manually using the convenient touch controls or remotely using an App, which can also be used to programme it weekly.


Design looks to the beauty and intelligence of nature for inspiration.
To make the Pan collection, Ludovica + Roberto Palomba have focused on the shape of a tree trunk: the body of the tap flows into the spout and the lever, entirely without visibly cut or welded parts. Credit is due to a smooth connection that reproduces the gentle, un – traumatic technique of grafted branches or trunks, giving rise to a flowing, timeless interpretation of a cylindric single – lever mixer.



The outdoor shower column is combined with a platform in Western redcedar from Canada, a durable material for outdoor use no matter the weather.
The joystick single-lever mixer seamlessly fuses hot and
cold water for absolute comfort, and the integrated rubber footwasher hose is a practical yet defining accessory.
The water connections are under the baseboard, making
installation simple and allowing for infinite positioning
options, while its use is a moment of well-deserved,
authentic relaxation.

Delight in the regenerating caress of water with Shower Column, a free-standing steel shower column defined by essential lines that form a perfect arch with a large rainfall showerhead.


A series of cylindrical washbasins, available in two sizes and various types: recessed, semi-recessed, under-counter, central hole, with tap shelf, countertop and wall-hung. Twin Column is a self-supporting base that develops in perfect continuity with the shapes of the washbasin and allows you to house the 42 cm diameter version. A solution with a particular scenographic presence, in which every little detail, such as the connecting shutter between the two elements, contributes to transforming it into the fulcrum around which to build the entire bathroom setting.