Fresh geometries: Agape presents the new Limón taps by Patricia Urquiola.‎ Meeting and mating with its own circular section, just like in the age-old concept of agricultural grafting, has transformed the seemingly elemental geometries of Limón in something completely different.‎ A new and fresh breed of taps that communicate its structure and intended use with unusual honesty and clarity.‎ Limòn is available for every functional need in a great variety of finishes.‎

Built-in washbasin tap with dual control.‎ Wall mounted tap for washbasin with chrome, burnished and brushed, natural brushed brass or matt black-coated finish featuring a round-shaped handle.



A collection born from a deep and intense collaboration with Patricia Urquiola. Designed for the W Retreat Spa on the island of Vieques in the Caribbean, Vieques, also available in the XS version, aims to reinterpret objects from the past, drawing inspiration from the historic tin bathtubs. The sink, freestanding or over countertop,  follows the traces impressed by the tub, capturing same materials, finishes and styles.


The rounded cut softens the shape featuring a new fascinating contemporary spirit to this wood floor that reinterprets the classic elegance of herringbone design. The slightly convex outline complements the design whilst emphasizing the material sensations and the tactile experience of the wood. A project conceived by Patricia Urquiola boasting prestigious international design awards.



Adjustable table lamp providing indirect and reflected light. Extruded aluminium heatsink, photoengraved black PC cut-off,photoengraved optical PMMA diffuser. Reflector in sheared and folded pre-anodized aluminium. Power cord length 200 cm, with dimmer switch that provides ON-OFF functions and 10-100% light adjustment. Plug-in power supply with interchangeable plugs.