AL/23 by Piero Lissoni, in polished chrome, matte white and matte black, comes from a vocation for simplicity: simple in shape and easy to use, it recalls the basics of fountains and industrial engines, engineered to be practical, tactile and efficient. The design is clean, simple and elegant; the faucets and shower system fit naturally into all environments.



Monobloc bathtub in Cristalplant®, totally white or white with Soft Touch grey painted external coating. It is characterised by its smooth, shell-like shape.



With Waffle, Antrax IT expresses a new conception of matter, of its functions and possible applications: matter gives warmth substance and shape, transforming it into well-being and domestic comfort. Indeed, the modern radiator stems from a design concept aiming to achieve the ideal combination between a technical element, capable of guaranteeing superior performance levels in terms of heating and sustainability, and a decorative item of interior décor. Produced in recyclable cast aluminium, Waffle has restyled the concept of the historic cast iron radiator, providing a reinterpreted shape, in its geometric outlines and pliable surface, as well as in its materials.



This collection features cabinets, open-faced compartments, shelves and mirrors. The Upper modular system brings a variety of composition and materials into the bathroom. It integrates three groups of elements: Upper Units, wall hung washbasin or storage base units; Upper Boiserie, wall panelling system composed of shelves and back panels installed on aluminium bearing structure; Upper, modular system of open-faced storage units to be installed on the wall or on a top. The Upper Units wall hung base units, without handles, are characterised by 45° bevelled front and finished panels, as is the top, whose thickness is hidden by the triple joint at 45° of the door, side panel and encounter top bevelled edges. The opening of the doors (only pull-out version) is allowed thanks to the lower grip of front. The Upper Units include an open-faced version with storage drawer in finish. Design Piero Lissoni + CRS Boffi.